The mind is everything.

The mind is everything

About This Blog


There is a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks:

  • I’ll be introducing (or, for some of you, re-introducing) some of the most famous psychology experiments ever conducted. There is a plethora of fascinating studies out there, but I’ll be starting out with the basics.
  • I’ll also be adding psychology common myths. A lot of the times truth within psychology can become mixed with false information, making it annoying to parse through all the garbage.
  • Resources. There is a page of psychology related resources that I will continue to update.

About Me

So I guess as the author of this page I should talk a little about myself, eh? My name is Stephanie. I graduated college in 2012 with a psychology degree (surprise, surprise).

You know when you first started school there was always that professor or that guest speaker who lived by the motto “do what you love”? They always painted this delicious picture of a person who dedicated their life to studying a subject for the love of knowledge instead of greed for money. They loved their life and enjoyed every minute because their job wasn’t a job, it was a career; it was fun. They had me sold; I wanted to be that person. So when I first started school I majored in English. I had no idea what to do with an English degree so I picked up education as my go-to plan. All was good, associates degree down. Transferred to a university and I wasn’t so happy with this education plan. The very thought of student teaching wanted to make me vomit. I took that as a sign I wasn’t going to be a good teacher, so I threw that out the window. Then English started to bother me. I narrowed down my  frustration to this: there were too many opinions. I wanted more solidification. The whole reason I even liked English in the first place was the portrayal of social behavior within the characters of the novel. I figured I’d switch to psychology… same reason I loved English with more evidence! All was good again. But then as graduation moved closer to reality, I started thinking about my career options (my timing was a few years delayed, I know I know). I convinced myself attaining a masters in neuroscience was my top goal, top priority and it was going to happen. But I simmered down and took a step back. It wasn’t worth the money (for me, anyway). If I was going to throw a large amount of money towards a masters degree, I needed a career plan. I couldn’t think of one I actually liked! I realized I only enjoyed the education side of psychology and not the practical applications.

Cut to today: I used my degree to land a decent job in HR and am working toward a degree in Computer Science. This time around, I’m career focused instead of heart focused. I enjoy programming. It’s refreshing, actually. I’m used to subjects where there are so many areas of gray, which is annoying and frustrating. In programming, if you work hard enough you’ll always be right. The Fall semester of 2013 I’m taking Advanced Programming in  C++ and Website Development I. One of the required projects for the website course is to create a blog….so here I am! Maybe I’ll even continue updating this blog  after the course ends….who knows!

Besides working full time and going to school, I have started to work out regularly again (which is refreshing). I’m also involved in a 3D printing business plan. It’s me and two others, and together we call ourselves YummyCutz. We all want to kick our student loans in the face, hard and fast, so we are attempting to make a business…. a cookie cutter business! We design and print awesome, unique cookie cutters such as Mario’s Question Mark Block, Dr. Who Tardis, Triforce..I can seriously go on and on. We are currently gathering stock and are in the process of creating our shop on Etsy.com. We’ll be up and running in a few weeks– Whoo!

Anyway, feel free to message me to chat about anything. Happy reading! 🙂

  1. 3-D printing? Is one of your partners Joe? (another Web class participant?)

    • Yup! 🙂 Joe and I, along with a coworker of ours, work on the printer together. Joe and I actually just finished torching the nozzle because the plastic was clogged up inside. When it comes to this 3-D printer project of ours, there’s always something to do.

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